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FAQ Image Dinosaurs Day 6

Dinosaurs were made on day 6?

So, if the earth is only thousands of years old as the Bible plainly implies and observable science confirms, then what about the dinosaurs!?...
FAQ Image Carbon Dating

Carbon dating?

A great example of the unreliability of radiometric dating is carbon dating. Using this method, one part of the Vollosovitch mammoth dated at 29,500...
FAQ Image Radiometric Dating

Radiometric dating?

But doesn’t radiometric dating prove the earth is millions of years old? Not in the least. Actually, most dating techniques point to a very...
FAQ Image Is Earth Old

How old is the earth?

So, what is the age of the earth according to the Bible? Well, it first must be understood that nowhere in the Bible does...
FAQ Image Six Days

Six days… why? And really?

“God is all-powerful, He could have created over millions of years, right?” Of course, but the question is not what God could have done;...
FAQ Image Perfect World

Why didn’t God make the world perfect?

Actually, He did make it perfect. Today’s world is a shattered representation of God’s original creation (Romans 8:22). The Bible records in Genesis 1:31...
FAQ Image Believe Creation

Why do Bible-believers believe creation?

Christians are instructed to build all of their thinking on the foundation of God’s Word by taking every thought captive and making it obedient...
FAQ Image Starting Point

What is the ultimate and supreme starting point?

So, if this issue of origins is a war of worldviews, then which worldview is the correct starting point? A powerful initial argument would...
FAQ Image Worldviews

Worldviews: God’s vs man’s

Quite possibly the biggest misconception about the origins debate, by both creationists and evolutionists alike, is that it is a battle over who has...
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