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FAQ Image What is the Gospel

What is the gospel?

You might have heard that the word “gospel” means “good news.” And indeed it does. But inorder to understand the “good news,” one must...
FAQ Image Two Interpretations

Same evidence: two different interpretations

Once again, secular and biblical scientists alike have the same present-day evidence, the same animals, fossils, mutations, natural processes, scientific laws, and methods. And...
FAQ Image Ape Men

What about ape-men?

So, if the missing links are missing, then what about all the “ape-men” that secular scientists keep parading as evidence of evolution? When they...
FAQ Image Missing Links

Missing links?

Yet another big problem for “molecules-to-man” evolution is that it has never been observed. This is actually quite devastating since observations are vital for something...
FAQ Image Animal Variations

Animals Change

“Look at all the variations of dogs around the world! And they are constantly changing! That proves evolution, right?!” Wrong.Of course, animals change; no...
FAQ Image Origin of Life

Origin of life?

This is perhaps one of the most perplexing questions for secular scientists to attempt to answer. How does one explain the origin oflife (called...
FAQ Image What is Evolution

What is evolution and where did it come from?

From a big-picture perspective, the evolutionary worldview is the idea that all life on earth has a common ancestor. That, somehow, life came into...
FAQ Image Science vs Bible

Science vs. the Bible?

How many times have you seen a headline or an advertisement for a television show declaring a battle between “science” and the Bible? It’s...
FAQ Image One Race

One race?

So, if all people groups go back to the Tower of Babel, then to Noah’s sons, and eventually to Adam and Eve, then how...
FAQ Image Tower of Babel

Why the Tower of Babel?

Like the rest of Genesis 1–11, the account of the Tower of Babel is under assault today and is vital in connecting what we...
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