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Definition of Marriage

What’s the origin and definition of marriage?

BIBLE REF.Genesis 1:26–28Genesis 2:7–25, 18–25Matthew 19:3–51 Corinthians 11:8, 12Ephesians 5:22–33 In order to define marriage properly, one would need a trustworthy, authoritative, historical source. This...
Inequality of Genocide

What about the inequality of genocide?

BIBLE REF.Genesis 6:3, 6:5Jeremiah 18:7–8Ezekiel 18:4Jonah 3Matthew 19:17Romans 3:10–12, 23Romans 1:18–32 Attempting to disprove the existence of the biblical God by attacking His morality is...
Are social justice and intersectionality part of the Gospel?

Are social justice and intersectionality part of the Gospel?

BIBLE REF.Leviticus 19:15Deuteronomy 15:10–11Micah 6:8Romans 3:23–26, 6:232 Corinthians 5:21Philippians 2:7–8James 1:27, 2:9Revelation 19:11 No. To understand why, they must first be defined. The modern secular...
What Is The Biblical Take On Feminism?

What’s the biblical take on feminism?

BIBLE REF.Genesis 1:27Isaiah 43:11–13I Corinthians 12:12–18Galatians 3:28 Feminism is often described as happening in three major waves. The first one started in the 1800s and...
Isn't The Bible Sexist?

Isn’t the Bible sexist?

BIBLE REF.Psalm 30:10, 54:4Luke 22:42Acts 2:38, 16:14Romans 3:9–12, 231 Corinthians 11:3Galatians 3:26–29Ephesians 5:23–33 The Bible’s first chapter annihilates this fallacious secular claim. Genesis 1:27 says: God...
Doesn't the Bible Condone Slavery?

Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery?

BIBLE REF.Exodus 21:16Leviticus 25:38–46Ephesians 6:5–9Colossians 4:11 Timothy 1:10 The short answer is no. There are at least three keys to understanding this issue biblically —...
What About Interracial Marriage?

What about “interracial” marriage?

BIBLE REF.Joshua 2:8–13Ruth 1:16Malachi 2:15Acts 17:262 Corinthians 6:14Ephesians 5:22–33 Biblically and biologically speaking, there’s no such thing! Since all people descend from Adam and Eve,...
Biblical Answer To Racism

The biblical answer to racism

BIBLE REF.Genesis 1:27, 3:20Ezekiel 36:26Malachi 2:101 Corinthians 15:45Mark 12:30–31Acts 17:26James 2:8–9 The remarkable truth unseen by many, including a lot of Christians, is that only...
What's The Big Deal With Stem Cells?

What’s the big deal with stem cells?

BIBLE REF.Leviticus 24:17Jeremiah 1:4–5Matthew 19:18Romans 3:8, 13:9 A stem cell is a cell that has the unique ability of turning into many specialized cells. From...
What About Cloning?

What about cloning?

BIBLE REF.Genesis 1:26–28Exodus 21:12Isaiah 42:5Romans 13:9–10Luke 6:31Ephesians 6:1–4 Cloning is the process in which a genetically identical copy of a gene, cell, or organism is...
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