Why is this Happening?

Because God’s Word is under attack!

The Authority of the Bible has been undermined through the attack on Genesis Chapters 1-11 by the whole world promoting the Theory of Evolution as fact.

But Scientist have found through observing and studying our present world that this theory does not fit what is observed in our Universe. Evolution is not scientific at all!

If Genesis 1 is not true how can we stand on the rest of the Bible and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.

According to the research, this is where the attack is taking place today! Did you realize that through multiple avenues of research, by different organizations, that two thirds of young people are leaving the church by college age. It turns out that it was not at College age that this was decided but mainly during Middle School and High School. At which time, their questions and doubts went unanswered.

Finally the young people’s conclusion is:

Why should I trust in your Jesus? That message of Jesus comes from a book that’s been disproven by modern day science. If I can’t trust the beginning of the Bible, why should I trust the middle or the end?