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Answers Research Journal Cutting-edge creation research. Free. Answers Research Journal (ARJ) is a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other...

Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Treatment of Covid-19

Ivermectin interview, Precis, Dr. Tess Lawrie Video 1, the importance of EBP Synthesised evidence Video 2, Ivermectin Heard publicity around Christmas / New Year...

What you don’t know about COVID-19 vaccines can hurt you

Why is medical information as well as political free speech being stifled? Where do we see the powers that be tell the masses that...
10 Pushups a Day

How 10 pushups every day will completely transform your body!

Pushups are beneficial for building upper body strength. Pushups transform your body. These exercises work the triceps, pecs, and shoulders. And when done properly, they strengthen the...
Stop Eating Sugar

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar For 14 days?

In this video, we’re going to talk about what happens to your body if you stop eating sugar for 14 days. What you’re doing...
Walk Every Day

What Will Happen To Your Body if You Walk Every Day?

A simple way to improve your health in a short time! Walking is a totally free, easy exercise that requires little effort, and benefits...
One World Government

The Illuminati and The One World Government

Major Amir Tsarfati teaches on the history of the satanic efforts of religions, cults, and the modern, powerful elite to rule the world with...
Gospel Reset

Why We Need a Gospel Reset?

The culture has changed! Christian values and traditions, even terms that were once common knowledge, have become a thing of the past. Many in...
Echoes of Ararat

Echoes of Ararat

New Book Released! Echoes of Ararat! What an historical Document! A flood. A large boat. Eight people. Animals saved. A tower. The separation of...
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